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To put it quite simply, you enjoy sharing stories…….

When man and medicine combine forces to improve the quality of life, the results on many occasions alter the true intent of nature. You are simply in awe of such manipulation and cannot wait to share with others what you’ve learned…….

However, medicine does not stop there, and neither do you. Your goals are constantly being set and reset; your boundaries are pushed further so that the impossible becomes reality…….

Being an Indus Intellect means you enjoy personal and professional growth and possess ambition to pursue ANY challenge…….

Fully Immersed Education

Imagine there was a method of virtually immersing yourself into your patient’s environment as the attending physician.

Imagine having virtually complete control of taking a full patient history.

Imagine having virtually at your fingertips the Pathophysiological decision making reasoning for:
1. Justifying your Differentiate Diagnoses
2. Investigations for screening and confirmation
3. Management

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What Doctor’s Say About Us

Highly professional and of course rewarding lectures. Fast pacing and supplementary material make me learning efficient. Really appreciate them, many thanks.

Baodi S

Quick, concise but still detailed! Clean presentation that included the effects on the kidneys and other organs.

Linn F

Awesome teaching skills better than my university professor, looking forward to see more of your videos.

Raj Patel

Great explanation, I like how the lecturer linked the letters to numbers, it is easy to memorize it that way…

Neuer N

Making concept in few time, quite easy with video lecture

Tarun T

Clear and concise. Dr, Raj has an engaging and interactive method of lecture that helps make this topic much easier to understand.

Sterling H

Very helpful, concise and overall great lectures!! I’m excited to complete other courses!

Neuer N

The best thing about Dr. Raj presents is that he continually asks questions and brings the topics together. Keep being awesome, Doc.

Jonathan K

Dr. Raj was very specific and detailed in a very little time which makes the lecture interesting.

Azo A

Great Professor! Awesome class, thank you for all the learning. Hope to see more lectures from this!

Julia P